25 Juny 2019

It is a very hot day in The Netherlands and here in Rotterdam it becomes quiet.

Most of the people are not working today due to the holiday season is started or have a day off because of this high temperatures.

10 April 2019

Since my mother became mentally ill in October 2018, I’m taking care of her. It is hard to see how my lovely and hard working mom became a person with a corrupt short-term memory.

I take care of her every day, I will get her grocery’s and I cook every day for my mother. Next week we can finally visit a doctor for her problems. I’m waiting since October 2018!!! for a consult at a geriatrician.

They say The Nederlands have good healthcare but I’m very dissapointed. If you have a miscarriage the hospitals can help fast but with a real problem like my mother has there is no good doctor to find.

We also pay a lot for these health insurance. 2 days of my monthly pay I lose for the mandatory health insurance! That is a lot of money, the rents and house prices in the Netherlands are also skyhigh.

01 Januari 2019

This is the first day of 2019 and I feel terrible depressed. Due to the idiots who still throw fireworks I do not dare to go outside. My sugar was 16.9 mmol this morning, and I was being reared and depressed at the same time.

I took an injection of insulin and then fell asleep. When I woke up, the sugar was fine but I still feel myself depressed. Luckely my girlfriend Desiree had the time for a phonecall. I still feel depressed but just a little bit better.

Multivlaai Rotterdam

Because I wanted to spoil my sick mother, we went to Multivlaai on the Meent in Rotterdam. My mother got a stale and sour flan and the saleswoman did not take her seriously. When I interfered with the way the saleswoman dealt with the complaint, the salesperson barked that we should leave and never be allowed to come back. I seriously ask myself where the sales people of multivlaai have learned to deal with customers?

Bowling with my friends

On Saturday I had a very nice day. i went bowling with Petra, Paul, Vera and Desiree at bowling Oostervant in Rotterdam.

First we eat a sate meal and after our diner we played two hours bowling.

I lost all the games and it was hard for me to throw that heavy ball on the bowling alley.

My body is getting old and my health is not very good anymore due obesitas and diabetes.